May 15


Launch of Online Exhibition


Opening Reception

with performances

from Open Gallery

via Instagram

May 19


Artist talk

by Jenny Chen

via instagram

may 22


Artist talk

by Soka Lazara

via instagram

May 26


Artist talk by

Jasmine Canaviri via instagram

May 29


Artist talk

by Ashley Beerdat

via instagram

Exhibition catalogue

Click on the image below for the full view of catalogue.

artist talks

Check out footage from our Artist Talk with Jenny Chen, Soka Lazara, Jasmine Canaviri and Ashley Beerdat!

online reception

Check out footage from our Online Reception streamed on May 15 via Instagram

Part 1

Part 2

Ashley Beerdat
Jasmine Canaviri
Jenny Chen
Soka Lazara

Ashley Beerdat, Pandora, Oil on Canvas, 30x40 inches, 2020

Jasmine Canaviri, @Peel Region Do Something, Video Installation, 9:37 minutes, January 2020 – present

Jenny Chen, Multitude of Fish 1, Pen on Board, 5x9 inches, 2020

Soka Lazara, Susan, Photography, 2018

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